The Self-Employed Mom Staying Motivated Tip #4

Celebrate Your Accomplishments Daily

I used to go through my day feeling like I had not accomplished anything.  I would complete all my daily to-do’s and still feel as though I had done nothing significant with my day.

Even though,  I had checked off on the day-to-day chores, I had not worked on any of the task that went towards those major projects that I really wanted to complete.

Along the way, I have learned a simple trick that has proven to be very helpful. When I am swamped with daily chores that overshadow those tasks I really want to conquer, I make a conscious effort to break apart any big project into smaller task that can be completed a little each day.

Now, I can look back on all I have done at the end of the day.  I can reflect and know that I did get a chance to work on my major project, even if it was a small tasks.

And you know what, I feel great about it!

Although, I probably didn’t get the chance that day to finish the special project to completion. I was however, able to complete a small segment of that major project.

I don’t know about you, but to me, even the smallest steps made towards completing your goal is reason to celebrate. Sometimes we want to hold off on celebrating for when we have reached the finish line.

But, even mid-race, there is room for celebration. For with every step you make, you are still moving in the direction of your goals.

It is okay, to say to yourself, I did this small thing today, and I feel great about it!

Let’s not let the anticipation of the big achievements, take the joy away from the small achievements.

For, when you keep doing these small task, you will find yourself completing the bigger task that you didn’t have time to complete in one setting.

So, let’s let your small accomplishments feed the fuel towards your major accomplishments.

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