The Self Employed-Mom Staying Motivated Tip #3

#3 Start Your Day with The End in Mind

Starting your day with the end in mind can give you an excellent source of motivation that can last throughout your day.

At times, we often forget the reasons why we are doing what we are doing.  We began to feel as though we have been on the road to reach our goals for so long, we lose that driving passion to reach our goals.

We start losing clarity of our goals and we stop moving towards them. I call this the “Middle of the Road Crisis”.  It is often during this period that people give up, stop progressing, and settle. Or they might decide to switch up on what they want to do and go into a totally different direction.

All of which can lead to setbacks and disappointments. It is during this middle of the road crisis that I encourage myself and others to take a moment and remember what it really is that you are trying to accomplish.

This is where written goal setting really comes into play. It is during these times that you need to take out your goals and read them and get back into the mindset of perseverance and seeing your goals through to completion.

Never let the goals you wrote out, lay around idle and become a dust magnet.

Get them out every morning, before your start your work day, and read it to yourself out loud like it is the best piece of manuscript you have ever written. Read it with enthusiasm and the belief that your goals are attainable and closer than before.

Because they are closer than before! The more you are going towards your goals closer you are to reaching them.

By doing this, your mind can become mentally accredited and motivated towards accomplishing the goals laid out in front of you.

This will help you stay focus, even with the small setbacks and pot holes that may come your way.

The journey is always easier when your eyes are set on the prize and you focus is set on the underlying reasons you have to reach your goals.

Performing this mental exercise of reading your goals aloud will prove to give you motivation and set your day to the correct mental perspective.

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