The Self Employed-Mom Staying Motivated Tip #2

Create a Presentation of Your Goals

Creating a presentation of your goals is kind of like writing down your goals down, but on steroids.

I don’t know how well you are at using technologies like PowerPoint, but you can use whatever technology of your choosing to do your presentation. Or you could go old-school and use poster board paper and markers to do this.

Regardless of your skill set, or the materials that you use, the objective is to create a well put together documentation of your goals.

There are many things to include in your presentation.

First, your presentation should begin with the reasons why you want to accomplish your goal. This could be a simple statement like, “The reason I decided to complete this goal is because I want to increase my income.”

Secondly, you can move on to stating exactly what is you goal.

Remember to also include the projected date you plan on having your goal completed.

This is important because it puts a time limit and sets in your mind that this is not just merely promising idea, but something that must be completed by a certain time.  It gives the goal more urgency.

Thirdly, your presentation should outline the small steps it will take to accomplish your goals and the projected time for each step.

It is so important to understand that these small steps are like a puzzle pieces, and when they are all put together, they complete the big picture, which is your goal.

Lastly, you can finish out your presentation with how the success of your plans will look like in the future.

This is when you create a visual picture to yourself of how life will look and feel once your goal is completed.

Write it out, add pictures, drawings, or whatever helps you to remember what success will look and feel like once you complete your goal.

Really take some time for this step because when you look back at your presentation, it will help you see clearly the possibilities of the future if you continue to work on your goals.

Turning your goals into a presentation, not only gives you a platform to outline your goals, but it also gives you a well-documented visual aid to use as a reference point when you need that extra motivational booster.

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