The Self Employed-Mom Guild to Staying Motivated Tip #5

Remain Centered with Yourself

At times you lose your motivation, when you have lost your sense of self.

You forget who you really are. You forget what really matters to you.

In the mist of doing everything for others, you end up doing nothing for yourself.

This neglecting of yourself makes you lose your center, your balance, your inner compass.

A lot of mothers, 2 to 3 years into motherhood, realized that they have lose their zeal, because they have been so busy with motherhood that their personal zeal have diminished.

Many times as women, we get caught up in all the other roles that we fill as business women, wife, mother, daughter, friend, and/or caretakers that we forget what makes us happy, and what makes us us.

By nature, most women are centered around pleasing others and making sure everyone is in a good state.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that people need to do for others, its a part of a giving life.

Giving is a good thing, just make sure that you give to yourself too. Cause you deserve all the love, care, and attention you give to others.

Try to stay away from being so super busy that you end up skipping meals, getting less sleep, and neglecting healthy lifestyle choices.

This unbalance lifestyle can lead to feelings of depletion.  Feelings of depletion can lead to a very unmotivated and unproductive day.  One day can turn into days, weeks, months, and years.

So, remember to take time out everyday to be kind to yourself.  Mediate on what you want out of your day.

Make sure you are happy and in an overall good place.

Set apart time in your day for you and the things that give you pleasure.

You will find that not only will your motivation increase, but also your joy and excitement for life.


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